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The 2020 Presidential election proved the U.S. election system needs accountability across the spectrum. Following the election, Lankford said what we all knew -- that there was significant fraud in the 2020 election. He gave us his word he would object to certifying fraud on January 6th, but when the day came that we needed him most, Lankford flip-flopped like a fish out of water and caved like a coward to certify a lie. Lankford then came back to Tulsa and apologized for questioning the fraud, equating it to racism. We must investigate and get to the bottom of the 2020 fraud to ensure it never happens again. I will fight for holding those accountable for the steal, and I will fight to mandate voter ID requirements. 

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I believe the very foundation of our nation is under attack, specifically the 1st & 2nd Amendments. The radical left has waged an all-out assault on the two most fundamental pillars to our individual liberty that protects our faith, families, and freedoms. If we lose the 2nd Amendment, we will lose the 1st Amendment which is what the radical left is truly after. I am committed to defending our Constitution by fighting to ensure the strength of the 1st & 2nd Amendments of the US Constitution.  We must also teach American exceptionalism in our households and in our schools so the next generation discovers our nation's greatness.

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We are witnessing an unprecedented national security and humanitarian crisis at our southern border, created by the radical left. We saw historic decreases in border crossings under President Trump, and now, historic rises after President Biden repealed virtually all of President Trump's border solutions. In April, May, and June, there have been over 500,000 border crossings from illegal immigrants, and virtually all of them have been allowed to stay in the country. Each of these months individually set a record for the highest crossings in any month in American history. This is intentional -- Biden and his radicals are determined to flood our border for political purposes. I will do everything in my power to end illegal immigration, end chain migration, and finish the wall to secure our border. Drugs, crime, and terrorists are flooding into our country and it must end NOW!

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The Trump Administration's America First agenda is the future of the Republican Party. We must have a strong United States, we must end the establishment's chokehold on our government, and we must have a strong economy that promotes the traditional free-market principles that have made us the most prosperous nation on earth. The role of any government is to serve its’ citizens, not the citizens of another nation. I will always serve to put America First, not foreign powers looking to dismantle the United States from within.  Make no mistake, there is a GOP civil war underway, with Mitch McConnell at the establishment helm, and President Trump leading the America First movement. While Lankford has routinely sided with Mitch, betraying our values and President Trump, I will always be a fierce champion of Trump's America First policies.

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I have and will say without apology, “Abortion is the greatest evil in our country with no close 2nd.” I will support Oklahoma's Constitutional right to nullify Roe v Wade to provide equal protection and guarantee the rights of the pre-born to have “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Not only do I believe abortion needs to come to an end in America, but I will support Oklahoma streamlining the adoption process. Pro-life means in the womb and outside the womb. We are the party of charity, pro-life protections, and showing God's love to orphans.

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The movement of tearing down statues like Abraham Lincoln, erasing American literature like Dr. Suess, and rampant news and social media censorship are direct assaults on our way of life. Trying to erase our history is trying to erase our national identity. I will never bow to the #CancelCulture movement as some Republicans have. I will always fight for our faith, family, and freedoms. Too many brave men and women have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice to secure the freedoms we enjoy today - I will never stop fighting for our traditional values. 

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A strong military helps reinforce the proven philosophy of Peace through Strength. Not only should our military be well funded but our veterans who have served and sacrificed should be well taken care of. My grandfather served in the Vietnam War and I’ve witnessed first-hand the difficulties in VA care. This should not be the case. A top priority of the federal government should be supporting the military as well as the veterans who have given so much for the United States. We must fight back against an ungrateful culture that desecrates our flag and mocks our national anthem, and dishonors our veterans.

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The United States is on an unsustainable path with the national debt totaling $30 trillion dollars, including trillions in waste, fraud, and abuse. The debt issue is leading to a mounting inflation crisis that could wreak havoc on everyday working Oklahomans. I believe we must implement conservative principles to reduce spending in order to balance our national budget, coupled with a strong America First plan to lower taxes, and cut regulations. We must increase revenue not through higher taxes but through more taxpayers in order to have an economy that is not just surviving but thriving. 


Oklahoma has a vibrant heritage in the energy sector, specifically in oil & gas production. I will always defend our interests against the radical left's campaign to abolish Oklahoma energy production. Their Green New Deal would not only destroy our energy sector, it would forever stunt America's ability to be energy independent. I will be a fighter for the America-First policy of American energy independence, and work to dismantle the radical left's energy policies that destroy Oklahoma jobs and threaten our industries.

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Since its’ inception 85 years ago, millions of Americans have sent their taxpayer dollars into the Social Security program with the understanding that one day upon retirement it would be there to help. Unfortunately, corrupt and incompetent public officials have wasted and abused the funds that were meant to be used by those who have funded the program with their tax dollars. I will fight to ensure and protect the Social Security Program. 

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